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Camp Meeting 2018

Old Camp Meeting Days 2018


Old Camp Meeting Days

To God be the Glory.

We experienced the wonder of the Holy Spirit last week in our Camp Meeting Revival.

As many of you can recall, rain, wind and storm conditions were in the forecast for most of last week.

We had scheduled a Camp Meeting at our Pavilion out on Strickland Drive off Elam Road from Monday – Friday.

Each night as we would gather for our meeting the sky’s were dark with possible storms.

The place the Lord had established for us was right in the line of those possible storms.

Let me Praise the Lord for His greatness.

We had one night of heavy rain, but it passed over just minutes of our 7:00 o’clock start time.

The Lord even put a rainbow in the sky to assure us He was watching over our meeting place.

Every night the Lord calmed the storms as only He can.

Every night we had great singing and Preaching, but Tuesday night was the highlight of the meeting.

My nephew Jeff excepted the Lord as his Savior!

Again, give all the Glory to the Lord.

I want to say “Thank You”to all those who had the Faith to come out (many every night) and support this meeting and these Preachers.

I truly believe many folks got help and have a new fire within them to serve the Lord in a mighty way.

We’re already making plans for our next Camp Meeting under the stars.

Looking forward to your being with us.

Pastor Steve Goforth

Great Week!

Event Post (more pics)