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Fair Havens Youth Ministry

At Fair Havens we understand that the greatest investment we could ever make is investing in the future generations. We seek to aid the home in the training of a child’s development spiritually, socially, and intellectually on every level. We also understand that each child has individual needs and seeks to come along side Mom and Dad, and support the home! Your children will generally fall into one of two age groups:


Our “Seedlings” ministry is for children ranging from ages 4-10. This age level is known as the “foundation” age in which we seek to impart a basic foundation of Biblical truth. Your child will be taught basic Bible doctrine, and age appropriate topics such as obedience, kindness, and a love for others. We also actively teach the gospel at this age while never pressuring the children to make a decision for Christ that is forced or coerced.


“Grounded” ministries is for the ages of 11-18. It is this age group that is known to be the turning point for most people from mere facts to actual conviction. Most studies show that it is within this age group that most people will decide what they believe about some of life’s most important questions! That is why we seek to help guide teens with our “three-fold chord” of education, motivation, and application. We seek to educate this age group by applying the Bible to varying topics students face today.  Motivation comes from Wednesday night youth groups where we have Biblical Expository preaching founded in Scripture. Lastly, application is where we seek to use events and activities to help the teens live out their Christian faith in a practical sense!

Teens ages 11 – 19