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Thoughts from our Preacher

My heart has been broken since the Message of Salvation the Lord had for our people yesterday. I was under great conviction that someone (or ones) in the assembly were lost. I find that as in the day of Noah folks have become hard hearted to the Word of God. Satan has sold them on His lies and they are in bondage.

My prayer is that the LORD doesn’t have to take them to the woodshed in order to get their attention. In my Bible reading this morning from the ninth chapter of Isaiah verses one, I found this nugget. As you may or may not know, this all leads to the prophecy of Jesus Christ. Chapter 9, verse 1 states, “ Not….such as was in her vexation”

As we read on we see, “lightly afflicted the land…and afterward did more grievously afflict her”

The vexation period is described in the description, and in it is a great principle about Divine punishment, namely, God at first afflicts lightly, but if we refuse to be corrected, then the punishment becomes worse. A tap on the shoulder or a warning, then bloodshed in the woodshed is the principle here!!! How often we have to learn the hard way. The principle is seen in Rev. 3:19; “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten”

“Rebuke”is simply a word of warning; “chasten” is when we are taken to the woodshed; it’s much worse than the word of rebuke.

I’m praying for that one or ones who left here yesterday as lost as when they come in.

Pray with me for the Lord to give them another opportunity to hear and receive the Gospel.


Steve Goforth