Welcome Come Grow with Us!

Welcome to the Fair Havens Independent Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. If you’re looking for a solid independent, Bible Believing, Baptist Church, then welcome home. Without apology, we use the King James Bible as our Sole Authority for faith & practice. Our Pastor believes and preaches the whole Bible. FHIBC hates sin, but loves every sinner. We encourage our members to live separated holy lives and to uplift Jesus Christ as Lord & Saviour. We stand firm on the doctrines and standards set forth in God’s Holy Word and will not change to keep up with the latest worldly trends. We hope that you will come and visit with us. Our Church is friendly and we especially love to see visitors!


October 5, 2003 – 1st Sunday a.m. service. We had a total of 12 people in attendance. That grew to 30-40 people within weeks, to God be the glory. God gave us a vision to purchase 5 acres on Strickland Drive. Purchased & PAID for 5 acres on Strickland Drive. Within 6 months, God put in the heart of Bro. Roy Anderson to merge with us. We merged with Rushwood Baptist Church, Bro. Roy Anderson, and Bro. Boyd Stiles in September of 2004.

God again working in His people, put in the hearts of RBC to merge. We merged with Riverview Baptist Church on May 21, 2008. We praise the Lord for allowing us to keep the great heritage of these two great churches together as we continue to grow and serve Him with our Pastor Steve Goforth at Fair Havens Independent Baptist Church.