4-5-6 – Seedlings Class

Seeds must be planted before they can begin to sprout. Now your child has left the nursery and they are ready to run, play, and get into just about everything. These years are critical for the development of your child. In the seedlings class, we strive to sow into the life of your child very simple, yet very critical, bible principles. These principles will teach your children the importance of honoring their parents and loving their neighbor.

7-8-9 – Sprouts Class

For seeds to sprout, they must be watered and cared for. Now that your child is talking clearly and beginning to express their emotions and thoughts about life, it is paramount that we provide the answers they’re looking for. There is no better place to find answers than from the word of God. Our Sprouts teachers will strive to sow into your children stories of courage and faith from the word of God. Your child will begin to memorize scripture and it won’t take long and you will begin to see your child applying the principles they have learned at church in their everyday live.

10-11-12 – Rooted Class

After plants sprout, they begin encountering the storms, stresses, and difficulties of life. In the rooted class, we begin teaching these pre-teens how to handle various stresses and how to find their identity in Christ. Many people know about the ever-increasing risk of suicide among teens. Well, it is a sad truth that suicides among pre-teens are on the rise as well. We need to bring a message of hope to these pre-teens before it is too late. As they learn how to handle the stresses of life, and inevitably live through them, their roots will begin to dig deeper preparing them for future storms that lie ahead. They will find hope in Jesus and find friendship with others their age.

13-18 - Grounded Class

Teens are our grounded bunch. This is where maturity really begins to find its grounding. Just as a tree, after its planted as a seed, watered, sprouts, roots, and grows, eventually hits a time of maturity. This is the time when trees begin to produce fruit. Our teens class is an exciting class. We want to see fruit in their lives and so we encourage them to serve the Lord with all their might. We dive into the hot topics of the day and begin expounding on the deeper things of God. Our teens are our next generation of businessmen and woman, preachers and sunday-school teachers. We must reach these teens with the word of God, preparing them for the struggles and challenges of adult life.